I find this sad.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like love.
You: Hello
Stranger: Yes.....
Stranger: Lookk for som hott?
You: No.
You: Honestly no.
You: Surely not with the current song I am playing.
Stranger: Ohcourse..
You: Piano trio in E-Flat, OP 100, second Movement
Stranger: Ohhh really...
You: By Schubert
Stranger: Ur frm??
You: You know I am french, right ? I had to learn english, matey
You: And still I write it better than you do.
You: Impressive ?
You: I think.
Stranger: Ohk...
You: Ohk ?
You: Ohk ?
Stranger: Age?
You: Ohklaoma ?
You: I don't think it is written like that
Stranger: Which means ok.
You: Ohk doesn't mean Ok
Stranger: Am an indian..
Stranger: Sorry dear..
Stranger: Ur age?
You: And now you tire me. I heard far too much empty boasting already.
Stranger: No.. I lik u
You: You lick me ?
You: You can't lick me
You: we are on the internet.
Stranger: No i will
You: Will what ?
You: Oh wait
You: I know this song !
You: Rule Britannia !
You: Britannia rule the waves !
You: Britons never ever will be slaves !
Stranger: Could u saw me ur photo..
You: You want me to saw your photo ?
You: I would but my saw is too far
You: It would take too much time to saw it
Stranger: Its k i will wait..
Stranger: U ever use skype???
You: u ?
You: I don't think "u" use skype
You: See, it is a letter
You: It cannot
Stranger: I hav skyp acnt..
You: Acne ?
You: You have skype acne ?
You: What does it look like ?
Stranger: U giv ur id so tat we can made video chat
You: Wah wait
You: I can't read that
You: Is it your home language ?
You: Because I never saw this type of writing
Stranger: Sorry.. Its my style..
Stranger: Give me ur email id or Facebook id..
You: ur ?
You: Oh I get it !
You: You are scottish !
You: 'main 'en, ye ur mah scottish buddy !
Stranger: Bibin199@gmail.com
Stranger: Urs?
You: Mah scottish buddy ! Ah loch ye scottish matey. teel ye whit, we ur gonnae bevvy some scotch ye an' Ah.
Stranger: How old u have??
You: 'en, Ah will droon ye in th' water loch th' pig ye ur. cocksucker dobber.
Stranger: Hey.. Yu like to see me ur pussy..
You: Ah serioosly pure techt it auld chap. Ah will droon ye. mebbe th' loch ness will eat ye.
Stranger: Use english.. I cant follow u
You: I.R.O.N.Y.
You: Sassenach ? isnae it a bit... ironic ?
Stranger: Use english.. I cant follow u
You: Bloody ironic
You: Ye ask me to speak english but you can't speak it
Stranger: Sent me ur sexy photos
You: See
Stranger: I will try..kk
Stranger: Wat are u doing now??
You: Listen matey, since how long are you doing this on Omegle ?
You: And it is a serious question here
You: Has it ever worked?
Stranger: You like squrting??
You: Because seriously mate, your life must be pretty catastrophic.
You: Oh it is ?
Stranger: 2weeeks
You: Man I am...
You: I am really sorry if I hit a weak spot.
You: But...
You: But going on Omegle and looking for pics...
You: Since God knows how long...
You: It will never work.
You: It shant.
You: You stay in your desilussions of a weak cheated life.
You: But this isn't reality.
You: See, I never said which gender I am.
You: But I am a man.
You: And you thought I was a woman.
You: Because that's what you wanted.
You: I find this sad in some ways.
Stranger has disconnected.
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