Swaggy Mermaid Adventure
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like roleplay.
You: 21/m
Stranger: I'm Georgia we are happily engaged and have a wonderful relationship. I'm 5'2 and19 years old with dyed red hair, blue eyes. I'm very thin and I have fair skin. Even though we're engaged you still don't know much about my childhood. You're meeting my adoptive parents for the first time because I've put it off and we're on their sailboat. I'm wearing a white flowy dress and red lip stick. The swells are pretty large but me and my family are used to it, unfortunately you're starting to become very seasick. (If interested give name age, and a description and Continue where I left off please.)
You: (Juan, 21, 5'10, short dark hair, brown eyes, wearing a denim jacket, a bulls snap back, leather jogging pants, both ears pierced real diamonds haha ‘hi hater’ and air jordans) I sit down near the edge of the boat, holding my knees and trying not to get sick, wondering "How does Georgia handle this?"
Stranger: walks over to you, "oh honey are you seasick?"
You: "Yeah, I think I'm gonna...." I throw up over the side, most of it getting on the side of the boat rather than into the water.
Stranger: sighs and rubs your back while you're sick
You: I take my snap back off and wipe my brow, then put it back on and turn around and kiss you.
You: "Thanks babe, you could use a tic-tac" I say, standing up and dusting off my Jordans.
You: "
Stranger: really confused
You: I grab your hand and we walk toward your family. "I'm just so nervous, what if they don't like me?"
Stranger: "Honey.. "
Stranger: "Are you okay?"
You: "Yeah, I'm just, this is all so new to me" I look out across the sea. "I mean, sailboats? The sea is no place for a guy like me." I shed a single tear. "Besides, you're my future wife and we don't even know about eachothers childhoods."
Stranger: "I mean you've told me about yours..."
Stranger: "Are you saying you don't want to get married?"
Stranger: looks up at you terrified
You: "That's not what I'm saying, I just feel like... I'm just scared, is all."
Stranger: hugs you tightly
Stranger: "What do you want to know about me?"
You: "First off, where did you come from? You're upbringing is so mysterious, the boats, the ocean, oh my god" I pause, covering my mouth
Stranger: leads you over to the edge incase you're going to throw up
Stranger: again
You: I grab your hands and pull you close, shaking with wonderment. "Georgie, I know your secret." I pick you up and hug you, "And I love you just the same"
Stranger: getting really irritated, "you don't want to take it seriously fine then you don't have to know about my childhood, and here's a hint I'm not a goddamn mermaid!" yelling at you for the first time ever
You: "Babe, calm down!" I say, realizing you're not a mermaid. "Can we just talk? I don't want your family to hear us fighting, I just met them."
Stranger: ...
You: I take your hands "Georgia, I love you, but if we're going to make this work we both have to come clean about our past"
You: "I just don't want there to be secrets, I want there to be trust"
Stranger: "Well I was going to and you start thinking I'm a fucking mermaid and it's like if this is fucking joke to you then fucking forget it!"
You: "Babe, you know how I feel about the F word" I say, my shaking hands grabbing yours. "Please, just talk to me, and I'll talk to you, person to person," I pull you closer and whisper "Human to human." as I start to cry.
Stranger: you realize that something really serious must have happened when I was little for my reaction to bug this strong
You: "So tell me, what happened?" I sit down, we dangle our feet over the edge of the boat.
Stranger: "So you know how I was adopted?"
You: "I have a hunch, but I never heard the story" I say
Stranger: "They adopted me when I was 12"
You: "oh wow"
Stranger: "Yeah"
You: "Where did you live before that?"
Stranger: "I've lived in 38 different foster homes, I got put in foster care when I was six because... um yeah"
You: "Because what?"
Stranger: "let's just go with they died"
You: "Okay, we'll just go with that" I say, winking and holding your hand. I overlook the sea with you, our feet dangling over the boat and say "I want to spend forever with you"
Stranger: "There's a lot that happened..."
You: "Tell me"
Stranger: "Umm okay well... my biological dad is in jail.. for murder.. and my biological mom is dead....soo"
You: "Oh my god, you don't mean" I cover my mouth
Stranger: looks away
Stranger: "Um.. my parents are probably wondering where we are"
Stranger: "we should go back"
You: "Yeah, we should" I stand up, helping you up too, smiling"
Stranger: not making eye contact with you
You: I look down at my feet "Oh no, I got vomit on my Jordans!"
Stranger: "yeah.. you can clean them when we get back"
Stranger: "Are you gonna be sick again?"
You: "No, I'll be fine I think" I say, taking my Jordans off and throwing them into the ocean.
Stranger: "Honey those were expensive!"
You: "Haha, swaggy" I say, winking at you, then taking my jacket off, then my shirt, revealing my six pack and tattoo of an owl.
Stranger: not impressed
You: I take my pants off, revealing my swim trunks, and dive into the water.
Stranger: "right okay I get it"
You: I dive under, you see my tail fin come up as I dive.
You: I come up for air and yell to you. "Babe, let's go home, to the ocean!"
You: "One that ate your father's cooking, am I right?" Your whole family laughs hysterically.
You: "It's true, that wasn't my finest moment at the grill" says your father, also taking his clothes off to jump in the water.
You: He cannonballs in and doesn't turn into a merman. "Even though I'm not like you guys, I want you to be happy." He says, turning from me to you. "Go on, Georgia, go home to your real dad....." He trails off
You: "And Juan," your dad says, I turn around "Tell King Neptune, your new father in law, I said I'm still the best bass fisherman this side of the Mediterranean."
Stranger: "My real dad is in fucking jail you fucking idiots" lights up a cigarette and sits down on the boat"
You: We both laugh, “Will do, pops. Will do” I say, looking out at the dolphin silhouettes in the sunset. Your whole family is now naked in the water with me.
Stranger: still not in the water
You: Your younger siblings ride on my back, I do sea world tricks for them while you kill your lungs.
Stranger: wakes up screaming
Stranger: "Juan Juan!"
Stranger: "I had an awful nightmare!!"
Stranger: starts sobbing
You: "What's wrong Georgia, did you have another dream about your father?"
Stranger: cuddling up to you in our bed
Stranger: "I had a dream that I told you about my childhood and you turned into a mermaid
Stranger: "
You: I put my arm around you, holding you close. "It's alright sweetie, it was only a dream. I run my hand through your hair."
Stranger: breathing heavy
Stranger: "You're not gonna turn into a mermaid if I tell you right?"
Stranger: "ugh nevermind I can't"
You: I kiss you, then start to kiss down your ankle "No such thing as mermaids babe" I say, putting my hands on your ears.,
Stranger: "You're gonna leave me if I tell you"
You: "Can it wait til the morning, I'm tired and it's late" I say, putting my arm around your waist.
Stranger: "yes yes yes, we don't have to talk about it"
You: "I love you" I say, kissing you again.
Stranger: "I love you too"
Stranger: doesn't fall asleep for the rest of the night
You: I wake up to a conch-shell alarm clock, I kiss you on the forehead. "Morning Georgia, how did you sleep?"
Stranger: "fine"
You: "Good, we've got a big day today" I say, swimming over to the curtains and drawing them back, revealing a hustling and bustling Atlantia.
Stranger: "I'm... I'm gonna be sick"
You: "You're just nervous, it's natural!" I say, walking over to you and giving you your purple seashell bikini top.
Stranger: runs over to the bathroom and starts throwing up
You: *swims
You: I pull your long, dyed red hair back, "Georgia, you're gonna do fine" I say, comforting you "Ursula's not even allowed at the ceremony, nothing could possibly go wrong."
Stranger: "I'm going to kill myself"
You: "Oh, you say that every morning. Let's go, I can smell your father's bass omelettes already!"
Stranger: "No"
You: A vomit soaked Air Jordan sneaker floats down to the bottom of the sea, slipping into our window.
You: I pick it up. "Do you ever wonder about what it's like?" I ask "You know, up there?"
Stranger: starts cutting my wrists on a piece of seaglass
You: "Haha swaggy"
You: I walk over to you, putting my hand on your shoulder. "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go"
You: "I can take you places you ain't never been before"
Stranger: a lot of blood is clouding the water
You: "Baby, take a chance or you'll never, ever know. I got money in my hands that I'd really like to blow" I say, as Flounder swims into the room. "Good morning, Flounder!" "Good Morning, Juan" he says as I continue to rap to you.
You: You put your tail fin on the wall and twerk, I throw sand dollars on you.
Stranger: I start to float belly up
You: "I'd like to be, everything you want, hey girl, let me talk to you" I sing, as I swim over to you and take your seashell bikini top off.
Stranger: okay if you're gonna rape me I'm disconnecting
You: I put on your white flowy dress and kiss your forehead as you float to the surface.
You: Your mermaid body floats up, a passing sailboat spots it in the water.
Stranger: lying in the water
Stranger: barely breathing
You: A man scoops you up, lays you on your back, and pulls your eyelids open, looking in them with a flashlight.
Stranger: unconscious
You: "She's still alive, but barely" He says, "We can never tell her about her true past, we will have to make something up."
You: "Wait, what if we told her that her dad killed her mom?" One voice says
You: Everyone laughs "Juan, that's so fucked up!" Another voice says "Let's do it!" Everyone laughs again.
Stranger: throws up a bunch of sea water
Stranger: starts coughing
You: Juan leans down to you "You could use a tic tac" he says, before kissing you. "Are you okay?"
Stranger: "wh.. what happened?"
Stranger: "where am I?"
You: "You're our daughter, oh my god that bump on the head must have given you Amnesia!" the mom says
Stranger: "Am... am I a mermaid...?"
You: "You brought your boyfriend on the boat to meet us for the first time, you fell off and bumped your head!"
Stranger: "No.."
Stranger: "He.. he's a mermaid" points to you
You: The whole family turns and looks at Juan. "Juan, are you a mermaid?" your adopted father asks.
You: Everyone laughs
You: "He's a merman, you stupid girl!"
Stranger: "He's a merman and I tried to kill myself and he put on my dress and you guys found me thats why he's wet!"
You: Everyone looks at eachother, Juan takes all his clothes off again and jumps in the water.
You: Juan drowns. He was clearly not a mermaid.
Stranger: jumps back in after you
Stranger: (this is the weirdest roleplay)
You: (It's so sexy and romantic)
Stranger has disconnected.
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