Stranger: hey asl?
Fagassassin: f 16 US
Stranger: m 18 us whats up?
Fagassassin: nothin much u horny?
Stranger: a little how about you?
Fagassassin: Im so wet babe mmm
Stranger: have you been touching yourself?
Fagassassin: Yess... ;)
Fagassassin: U wanna roleplay right now???
Stranger: sure you pick the roleplay though
Fagassassin: mmmmm, bb im lying in my bed, naked...
Stranger: id be happy to crawl into bed with you that way we can cuddle naked for a while
Fagassassin: You enter the room. I rip off your shirt like the hulk
Stranger: ...
Fagassassin: ur turn baby
Stranger: i push you onto your bed before crawling on top of you kissing up to your mouth
Fagassassin: mmmmm I gag some mucus into yours
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