Megan's movies
You: Hello!
Stranger: m
You: f
Stranger: from ?
You: Usa
Stranger: have skype ?
You: Yes!
Stranger: what ur id ?
You: Cheapasshoetreefiddy.
You: Wanna cyber?
Stranger: just skype
Stranger: what your name ?
You: Megan
Stranger: i don't find ur skype
You: Must be deleted...
You: Why don't we cyber here?
Stranger: what your id ?
Stranger: have facebook ?
You: Nope.
You: Lets cyber here.
Stranger: how old are u ?
You: 3
Stranger: serious
You: 18
Stranger: oh ok
Stranger: have twitter ?
You: Nope.
Stranger: oh ok
Stranger: don't you go to school ?
You: Nope.
Stranger: i want to see ur face
You: Just imagine it.
You: I'm blonde.
You: I have smooth pale white skin.
You: And my face is literally a walking cum bucket.
Stranger: sounds good
Stranger: haha
You: Lets cyber here.
Stranger: oh i want to webcam with you
You: No webcam.
Stranger: why ?
You: Because, I'm a porn actress honey.
You: Not some slut.
Stranger: serious ? you porn actress in 18 years old ?
You: Yes.
Stranger: send me your link video
You: I make movies.
You: Not videos.
Stranger: yeah send me i want to see u play haha
You: I make porn movies that involve shit.
You: I shit all over their dicks.
You: And then shove my tongue into their anus/
You: I'm poor...
Stranger: just be strong
Stranger: i want to talk more with you
You: I then bite their dick.
Stranger: can i have something
Stranger: that not broke our connection ?
You: What?
You: I then strap on a large dildo and start fucking them in the anus.
You: And inject heroin into my tits.
Stranger: oh dont make me horny
Stranger: i want our communication not broke\
You: I then slit their throat and begin to eat their flesh.
You: And finally, I end with my real dick (I'm actually a man) ejaculating all over their intestines.
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