A Indian Love Story
You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
You: Hello
Stranger: Hi!
Stranger: wassup
You: The ceiling?
Stranger: lol
Stranger: asl?
You: 20/f/Turkey
Stranger: cool
Stranger: got kik?
Stranger: or skype?:/
You: Nah, sugar, this is all you got
Stranger: ammmm..
Stranger: wat do u mean by "Askim?"
Stranger: :P
You: Askim?
Stranger: ur turkish right?
You: Atterbal sucking kike in Malaysia?
You: Oh yeah Askim is like
You: Loved one
You: It's hard to translate
You: Uhhhh Lemme think
You: Askim is a more intimate term for your love
Stranger: wats up with "malaysia"
Stranger: lol.. r u like a malaysian turkish!:O
Stranger: haha:P
You: So what about you?
Stranger: india 19 male
You: There have been a lot of Indian's on reccently
Stranger: yeah..coz they don't have any other work i guess:/
You: So, do you enjoy spending ten hours every day spraying finish on cheap furniture?
Stranger: ammmm.. no?
You: What do you do then?
You: Version customer service?
Stranger: musician?
You: Oh you do the bunga music
Stranger: noo
You: You Indians are all about the bunga music!
Stranger: i produce electronic music;)
You: Oh
You: Don't tell me you like dubstep
You: Please
Stranger: exept me!
You: And here I thought I loved you
You have disconnected.
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