That time of month again..
Stranger: hey
You: hello
Stranger: are you m or f?
You: f
Stranger: whats your name?
You: Anna
Stranger: nice to meet you anna. im jimmy
You: hey! Im horny. wanna cyber?? ;)
Stranger: yeah babe!
Stranger: how? Skype?
You: we can just chat on here bb ;)
You: just tell me what to do
You: Im wearing a shirt and panties
Stranger: lick your fingers and rub your pussy for me ;)
You: mmmm, okay baby.
You: its all wet
You: you playing with urself for me bb?
Stranger: im jacking so hard for you ;)
Stranger: your pussy is nice and tasty. try some for me
You: Im at your house * i push you back onto the bed*
You: wow ur so big and hard
Stranger: yeah i am. because of you ;) *kisses neck and plays with your clot*
Stranger: clit
You: * I take my panties off*
Stranger: ohh! yes. its so nice! * licks your stomach and moving down*
You: mmmm suck my clit bb
Stranger: so nice and wet!
You: *blood ejects from my vagina into your mouth*
You: Oh no! I forgot it was that time of month again!
Stranger: thats ok bb. i can give you anal if you like ;)
You: *I try to clean my blood off of you with the first object i find*
You: It was a knife. *I accidentally slice part of your erect cock*
You: Im so sorry again! why does this keep happening to me!
Stranger: haha thats ok bb.
Stranger: haha omg!
You: *I insert my di*k in your innocent butthole*
You: I mean you in mine!
You: I forgot I was supposed to be a girl!
Stranger: please cum in my ass hole!
Stranger: you fucking faggot!
Stranger has disconnected.
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