Wiat what? LOL
Stranger: m 16 kik me nike 4100
Me: F 28 or so
Stranger: ok
Stranger: im 16
Me: I like it hot roughe and quick
Me: lets fuck really hard and with passion
Stranger: I like it hard and fast
Stranger: kik me
Stranger: babe
Me: ill post a picture here
Stranger: ok
Stranger: xxx
Me: buts lets start with you taking off my pink blouse. It reveals my white sexy hot panties
Me: my pussy is aching for sex. i want it so bad
Me: It's read and hot
Stranger: pic please
Me: Ok wiat. We have to have sex before she comes in
Me: Oh no...
Stranger: plz
Stranger: pic
Me: Omg she duaght us. I stand
Me: Ok pic
Stranger: pic plz
Me: I struggle to put my tiny hands off your stomache and pitter patter away http://imgur.com/gallery/cFtbCye
Stranger: pic
Me: Oh no mommy saw
Me: It hurts so bloody much
Me: You creat my tiny soft cheeks, thanks
Stranger has disconnected
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