She likes it Inflated
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
You both like inflation.
Stranger: hi
You: Hi
You: asl?
Stranger: 23 m
You: 22 f
Stranger: Awesome
You: So let's begin
You: Here's the setting
You: I'm a customer at mcdonalds, you're an employee serving me, there's a gas station (with tire air machine, ofc) nearby
You: (Big Mac is $1.60) Hi, I'd like to order a big mac :) $1.00 is all I got, the Big Mac's still $0.60, right?
Stranger: I think so
You: Oh, I see the price has changed. *sigh* inflation. Excuse me, sir, I'll be right back... I just h-have to go to the b-bathroom
You: -I go to the bathroom and can no longer resist the temptation. The inflation that has caused the price of the Big Mac to rise has sent me over the edge. I slip off my pants and lower my fingers to my wet kitty-
You: Ohh, so goood
Stranger: Ummmm
You: -I finish, more spent than a $2.00 bill, come back out, and approach you-
You: F-forget the big mac
You: I need my tires pumped by that air machine out there
You: care to help me out?
Stranger: Sure I will give you a hand
You: Great :)
You: -We run into a guy with a rather inflated ego- Ohh, look at that guy, such an inflated ego...
You: -I fight the temptation to finger myself as we close the distance to the air machine-
You: Let's...inflate those tires
Stranger: Alright *Goes and gets the hose for the air*
You: -I see a football fly overhead- Uhh, look at the inflation of that football, so much PSI. Unf
You: B-bring the hose
Stranger: *Brings the hose over to you*
You: -I see a blimp with an ad, and almost faint at the level of inflation-
You: Th-thanks
Stranger: You ok?
You: J-just, really horny from all the inflated objects I'm seeing around
You: -I see a man on a bike- Those tires, oh god
You: -I clumsily attach the air pump to my car tires- hah-ah
Stranger has disconnected.
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