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.The backstory is long feel free to skip down :P
ok so i found this guy on omegle
Well one of the best chats so far, I didn't catch this guys name although i tried.
I just went into it like normal... Pervs love being called daddy. So I called this man ''daddy'', and as you read you'll see random shit. Nothing serious meant from/by it. I only mean to offend the offenders and only once.. props to "bloodninja" for giving me something funny to read before i could participate
Before this i got a skype ID from a guy in holland, i have them stored up at this point.... and I figured i'd put it to good use.... I didn't think it would turn out so well. BUT "daddy" skypes this guy named eric in hopes of hearing my sexy "violin" like voice. But eric wasnt aware,and thats all i could uncover.... here it is... i'm switching contact info
throughout the text with "xxxxxx" I did enough alone.... Marked out all countries, as to not offend lol, i use terms not associated with where i am from to throw
them off, and to make things safer. His name isn't eric either.
To put it into perspective there is an adult side of omegle for cams and audio. But the pervs dont keep to that side, and just in spy mode i've seen adults perv out on kids... so to end this or even it out, and to have fun!, this is what i do.....
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
Stranger: 21m
Stranger: u?
You: 20 f...
Stranger: uhhhhhh
You: where are you from?
Stranger: XXXXX..
You: i'm from holland lol
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: i like wild sex...
Stranger: u?
You: i only like wild sex
You: lol like wild animals
Stranger: like a horse
You: mmmmmm
You: maybe you are as big as one.... :P
Stranger: yehh like horse
You: would you fuck me with your horse cock baby
Stranger: any time beb
You: till i winnie and cum ;)
Stranger: lets start
You: ok :)
You: you start
You: do what you want to me
Stranger: hows boobs
You: 38 c
You: ;)
Stranger: uhhh
Stranger: let me take ur nipples in my mouth
Stranger: com on'
You: ok :)
You: bit them baby
Stranger: remove ur bra
You: already did
Stranger: uhhh
You: i'm so ready
Stranger: give me a deep kiss
You: ok baby what do i call you, what do i moan out
Stranger: whatever
Stranger: let me remove ur panty
You: too late
You: i'm all ready
Stranger: ohh all ready take mu dick in ur hand
You: i grab it
Stranger: and let it go inside
You: oh yes
Stranger: i dont wann use condom
You: i'm going to call you daddy
You: i dont want you to use one
You: i want you to cum in me
Stranger: direct inside
You: rape a baby into me
Stranger: yehh
Stranger: yehh
You: rape me daddy
Stranger: its going too insude
You: it is so deep
Stranger: i doing so
You: i feel so full
You: oh yes daddy
You: yes papa
Stranger: yeh
Stranger: rub my dick
Stranger: come on
You: i rub it with my lips
You: and taste my pussy
Stranger: ohh osssum
Stranger: yeh
You: and i suck it
You: rape me
Stranger: so sweet
You: and tangy
Stranger: ur pussy is like a well developed city
You: oh yeah
You: and your my governer
Stranger: inside i can see my future
You: you own this
Stranger: i'm developing a baby inside
You: rape a baby into me
You: daddy rape me
Stranger: let me fuck ur asss
Stranger: move on
You: ok daddy
You: no questions asks papa
You: i spread it
You: rape it dry
Stranger: let me press ur boobs ur nips
You: ok daddy
You: will you rape it dry
Stranger: take my tounge inside ur mouth
You: then let my suck it
You: ok daddy
Stranger: and dont leave until i finish..
You: i suck your tongue
You: yes sir daddy
Stranger: where is ur mom wann fuck her also
Stranger: come on bring her
You: she is in the kitchen making you a sandwhich
You: like a good mommy
Stranger: i wanna fuck u both at the same time
You: can i lick mom
You: daddy please say yes
Stranger: is she like u horney?
You: yes daddy
You: she is wet
You: and sweet as honey
Stranger: yeh beb have u ever see ur mom in sex
You: i sex with my mom
Stranger: hows ur mom
You: she tastes like sweet
You: and it soft
Stranger: really do u have sis
You: i do have one daddy
Stranger: call her also
You: she just watches
You: but i'll have her sex us
Stranger: i wan to make with her also
You: yes daddy
Stranger: i wann fuck u three same time
You: rape a baby into us
Stranger: yeh
You: with same cum
You: same baby same cum
You: be daddy agiain daddy
Stranger: comon put my dick in ur moms pusy
You: i did'
You: it's in there
Stranger: let me fuck her hard first
You: i will lick her dirty ass
Stranger: kiss ur mom deep
You: i will
You: she likes my tounge daddy papa
Stranger: keep ur nipples on ur moms niples
You: they are rubbing and it feels good daddy
You: but ouch i found a nail on the bed
You: now i'm bleeding
Stranger: tke moms pusy inur mouth till i will fuck ur sis pusy
You: ok daddy
Stranger: hope she is ossum
You: she is daddy papa
Stranger: wait let me taste ur blood
You: taste it use it
You: as lube daddy
Stranger: i wann fuck u while ur bleeding
Stranger: uhh
Stranger: uhh
You: oh yes daddy papa
You: papa daddy
You: i cut momma
Stranger: common smooch my dick deep in ur mouth
You: i will daddy
Stranger: take it between ur boobs
You: yes you will like
You: my boobs are of fake but good
Stranger: u all three smooch my dick girls
Stranger: go on
You: my poor mom is old
You: rape her to death
You: with your peepee
Stranger: the best one will get next chance
You: pick me daddy
You: put your pee in my vee vee
Stranger: yeh come on ur the only horneyest bitch
You: yes i am
Stranger: i lying down
Stranger: now its ur turn
You: fuck my ear till i am deaf
Stranger: lets see what u do
You: and cant hear my mother rape
Stranger: come on me its ur turn bebe
You: ok daddy
You: i'm on you
Stranger: give me a deep kiss untill its dry
You: ok baby
You: daddy i kiss you
Stranger: smooch
You: so much
You: so so much
Stranger: my all body
You: i kiss your pee pee
You: and your ass ass
You: it is good
Stranger: i wanna keep my head inside ur pusy r u ready
You: yes daddy
You: go wild in it
You: whole head
Stranger: take it inside
You: ok
You: oh daddy it hurts
Stranger: yehh
You: keep going
You: rape a baby into my veve
Stranger: really let it go inside
You: oh yes deedee
You: it is in
You: all way
You: deep in my veevee
Stranger: i wann fuck u like a dog
You: you are turning my body into ground beef patty
You: fuck me dead deedee
Stranger: let me smooch ur nips again ilike nips so much
You: reep ee beebee eentoo mee mee
You: yes daddy
You: they are only yours dadderson daddy
You: it must be so
Stranger: i wann keep my each body part inside ur pussy
You: yes go in daddy and live a life
Stranger: wait
You: inside
You: what daddy
You: did mommy stop bleeding
You: i will cut her again soon enough
Stranger: wait
You: did you cum daddy
Stranger: let me empty my dick inside ur mouth
You: ok daddy
Stranger: do u have skype.. <------------
You: i do
Stranger: we will have audio
You: oh wow
Stranger: we will enjoy
You: yes daddy
Stranger: give me ur id
You: ok let me find it
Stranger: wait i will bring myy head phnesss
Stranger: dont go
Stranger: plz
You: xxxxxxxxxx1966
You: ok thats it
You: 1966 was big year in holland
You: it was the hollandcaust <-------
You: you add me daddy?
You: you will rape me pregnant
You: in my butt
You: deeper than 50 leagues
Stranger: yeh
You: in my ass city daddy
You: you own me and my vee vee
You: i like you sex way
Stranger: whats ur sskype id
You: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You: holland
Stranger: dear we will have real fun
You: oh yes :)
Stranger: k wait i m adding
You: ok daddy :)
You: cant wait
You: i'm so of the excited!
You: it's going to be good with you
You: with the sounds and winnieing of my pony sounds daddy
You: i am animal
You: you are master
Stranger: yeh
You: you train me to be your bidding
Stranger: ur name eric
You: no no
Stranger: on skype
You: my brother
You: i have to use his
You: we fun him ok
Stranger: k
You: he sex us
You: with horses
You: tell him i'm ready
You: and we will have animal love
Stranger: u lokks offline on skype add me
You: shiiit he was supposed to be on
You: ok i'll do eet
You: did you add me
Stranger: come on do it i cant wait
You: me etiehr daddy
You: i fuck you so animal!
You: we do violent next okey?
You: i am loud i warn you
You: you might low volume me
You: as they say mute
You: but you might fcuk me death anyhow
You: i added you
You: did it go
You: i dont think it works daddy
You: i will just fucks you here
Stranger: who was tht
You: who is what
Stranger: i just talk some one on skype <----- eric
You: was my brother?
Stranger: it was man
You: we fuck him too
You: rape baby in him
Stranger: no
You: no rape him?
Stranger: i wanna fuck u only
You: can i fuck him daddy
Stranger: k i'm going
You: tell him that though, he think he fuck me
You: but he not allowed by my daddy
You: i could get my mom on
Stranger: r u comming on skype otherwise i have to go
You: i am cummming oh i cam
You: came so hard
You: did you come daddy
You: cum
You: we make this work
You: just you and me
You: i do this
Stranger: bye
You: no it's you and me_________________________|
Stranger: bye | song
You: and all of the people and i dont know why |
You: i cant keep my mind off of you_____________|
You: daddy
Stranger: ur male
You: no daddy
You: i'm not my brother
Stranger: yeh
You: he is agay
You: not a me
You: i'm straight sex female
Stranger: i dont wann gay
You: we wont talk to him
Stranger: i wnt female
You: i will talk to you on here ok?
You: he wont let me use the skype
Stranger: i dont want to talk u bye
You: i do though daddy
You: you make me beg so horny <----- desperate to keep him lol
Stranger: i want to hear ur voice once
You: just imagine the most beautiful violin
You: and make it 2
Stranger: a female voice not a male
You: and thats is how my voice it, so feminine so smooth
You: soft like my skin
You: leading to my tits and ass
You: i'm all women
Stranger: ur gay
Stranger: right/
You: why would i do this and lie?
You: i'm horny
Stranger: then why dont u come on skype
You: and want to experiment with you
You: my brother is hogging the computer daddy
You: he wontlet me
You: show him who is boss and make him share
You: and i will talk to you daddy
Stranger: k bye then fuck urself with ur brother
You: there arent girls out there like this
Stranger: u bloody gay
You: hahahahahahaha
You: wow
You: took you that long to find out i'm a dude
You: i'm across the fucking world in the XXXXX you bitch
You: XXXXX rocks
You: you suck
You: you are weird too fucking her mom
Stranger: fuck urself u pig dirty ass motherfucker u diddnt leave ur mom also
You: lolololololol
Stranger: u fucked her also
You: you wanted to rape a baby inside of me though a second ago
You: i thought you cared daddy
You: XXXXX rocks, where you are sucks
Stranger: ur a faulty piece on earth
You: i said hollandcaust--------|
Stranger: destroy urself |
You: when was that a thing------|
You: XXXXX rocks
Stranger: before some one else
You: come to the XXXXX and find me
You: i'll be drinking a pint when you get here
Stranger has disconnected.
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what the fuck did i just read
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