Like Two Ships Passing Quietly in the Night
Stranger: hello
You: You speak English?
Stranger: obviously
You: Lotsa people on here can say hello
Stranger: xD
You: asl?
Stranger: true dat
Stranger: oh, i see
Stranger: another dude looking for a bitch to butthurt?
You: Nope. Trollin.
You: They hatin.
Stranger: same
Stranger: got lazy though
Stranger: so many tard on here too
Stranger: tards
You: haha yeah.
You: i'm 22 f usa btw
You: no trolo
Stranger: i sense abit of trololol but i trust you.
Stranger: im 18m norway
You: This is a beautiful moment.
You: I will always remember it.
Stranger: let me guess. you wanna come here
You: Fuck norway.
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2436 BCE