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Team NinjaI started bloodninja.org years ago as a way to compile the infamous chat logs of BloodNinja that were strewed all over the webs.
The site got very popular very quick though, and soon it contained more chats from his/her fans than it did of the original BloodNinja. Feel free to submit your own.
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Because I get asked this a lot: no I am not BloodNinja. The best I can tell is that he/she liked to mess with people over AIM back in the mid 1990s. No one has knowingly heard from him/her since.
Didn't Even Realize
Paul says: hey
StickDude says: Hey
StickDude says: So you like chubby girls?  
Paul says: ye
Paul says: u
StickDude says: I"m Bi.
Paul says: nice
Paul says: u like chubby guys
StickDude says: They're hot.
StickDude says: Wanna cyber baby?
Paul says: watea
Paul says: u gt cam?
StickDude says: No, not right now.
Paul says: fair enff
StickDude says: So can you start?
Paul says: sorri bout tht
Paul says: shit comp
Paul says: so u like chuibby guys
StickDude says: It's okay hunny, and yes
Paul says: u wana c my dick?
StickDude says: Yes
[Paul wants to have a Video Call.]
[ Answer (Alt+C) Decline (Alt+D)]
[You have answered the call.]
[ Hang up (Alt+Q).]
[ You missed a Video Call from Paul.]
[Paul is inviting you to start viewing webcam. Do you want to Accept]
[ (Alt+C) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?]
[ You have accepted the invitation to start viewing webcam.]
Paul says: u like
StickDude says: Very much baby
Paul says: u wana suck it
StickDude says: Yes baby
Paul says: talk eb
Paul says: tlk dirty 2 me bbe*
StickDude says: Oh baby your dick is so nice I just want to rub it on my hot tits.
StickDude says: THey're so sweet.
Paul says: asl?
Paul says: lol
StickDude says: Sorry took so Long I was fingering my pussy
StickDude says: I'm 18/f
[ Paul has stopped viewing webcam with you.]
StickDude says: Crappy internet
Paul says: lol it k
Paul says: so whats ur asl sorri
StickDude says: 18/f
Paul says: kwl
Paul says: u gt a pic
StickDude says: Sorry no
Paul says: kk
StickDude says: But I'm trying to get my webcam
Paul says: kwl  
Paul says: thn we cud c2c
StickDude says: My nipples are soooo hard
Paul says: nice
Paul says: my dick is so hard
StickDude says: My panties are so wet.
StickDude says: lol.
Paul says: wish my dick was in ur pussy
StickDude says: That would feel sooo nice
Paul says: ye bbe
StickDude says: Sorry my webcam isn't working
Paul says: its k  
StickDude says: So do you want to cyber?
Paul says: sure
Paul says: u start
StickDude says: I lick your lips and start to un-zip your pants
Paul says: i kiss u nrub my hand over ur panties
StickDude says: I moan and start to lick your hard dick.
Paul says: tht feels so gd
Paul says: i lay back while u suck my dick
StickDude says: I shove my head down going deep throat while you cum in my mouth.
StickDude says: I moan and take my panties off revealing a HUGE COCK
StickDude says: I rub it on your dick
StickDude says: Ohhhhh that feels so good
StickDude says: yes yes!
Paul says: o ye bbe
Paul says: wow thts amazin
StickDude says: I bend over smacking my ass waiting on you.
Paul says: i put my dick un ur arse
StickDude says: oh yes yes
Paul says: u like tyht bbe
StickDude says: You're making my dick so hard
StickDude says: yes
StickDude says: I just cummed oh yesss
StickDude says: This is sogood
Paul says: i suckur dick n get the rest of the cum
StickDude says: i scream "IM A HOT LITTLE POTATOE" and transform into optimus prime and rip your dick off while laughing hysterically and then rocket of to the moon!
StickDude says: i then drop the dick and it rockets back and rams you in yout ass causing you to FUCK YOURSEL!
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