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Team NinjaI started bloodninja.org years ago as a way to compile the infamous chat logs of BloodNinja that were strewed all over the webs.
The site got very popular very quick though, and soon it contained more chats from his/her fans than it did of the original BloodNinja. Feel free to submit your own.
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Because I get asked this a lot: no I am not BloodNinja. The best I can tell is that he/she liked to mess with people over AIM back in the mid 1990s. No one has knowingly heard from him/her since.
Lazy Bitch
Stranger: Hey
You: hey
Stranger: 27/Male/Godzilla/ Straight
You: 24 f fox bi
Stranger: how are you?
You: good
You: how you gonna fit that dick in me?
Stranger: - chuckles - Well I am more of a human sized godzilla
You: k
Stranger: you have a pic?
You: you mean my fsona?
Stranger: yes
You: No money for a commission
You: so no :(
Stranger: Well then describe her to me.
You: Umm...pretty much every fox you see on the internet. My originality is poor ._.
Stranger: Besides I don't have a commission, I am using a pic of Godzilla from the net as my pic.
Stranger: Well - smiles lightly as I wrap my tail around your waist and pulls you into me -
You: I'll let you know upfront, that I want more out of this relationship than I am willing to put in myself
You: So...you just do all the work and I'll finger myself?
Stranger: ....
You: Thanks :D
Stranger: nevermind
You: meaning?
Stranger: I am not going to do everything
You: I will ragdoll and you will do all the work
You: Too lazy?
Stranger: Yeah. Besides I am looking for a mate
You: well...deadweight also makes babies
You: I guess I can't control my ovaries
You: they'll work no matter what
Stranger: ... that doesn't mean anything..
Stranger: - sighs - I want someone to participate
You: C'mon can a bitch get laid?
You: while simultaneously not putting even the slightest bit of effort into it?
Stranger: ...nope, not if they will be lazy
You: :(
You: Man this sucks
Stranger: Not everyone will give you what you want.
You: I would put some into if if I weren't so damn lazy
You: but it's hibernating season
Stranger: no it isn't
You: for my type of fox it is
You: the anti-summer fox
You: at least I'm being original
You: with my fursona
Stranger: - shakes my head - wow. Look you want something put some effort into it.
You: can I lay and the ground and not move?
You: while you shimmy your lizard thang into my babyhole?
Stranger: nope
You: I can be put into multiple positions and not be motivated to move out of them
You: because I'm lazy
Stranger: Oh well...
You: and that's good
You: for you
Stranger: No it is not.
You: because you can do anything you want with me
You: upside down doggy style
You: reverse cowgirl
You: sunny-side up
You: I'm your bitch
Stranger: I don't want a bitch. I want a mate
You: fine, lazy bitch
Stranger: bye
You: aww
You: don't go godzirra
Stranger: You're not what I am looking for fox. I want a mate, not a bitch, not a lazy bitch.
You: What's the difference?
Stranger: Easy, they don't laze around.
You: I'm no kitchen bitch
You: I won't make you a sandwich
You: YOU make ME a sandwich
Stranger: If she wants me to make love, she will tempt me.
Stranger: And no. You make your own sandwich
You: fine
Stranger: I make my own, because I am not lazy
You: -pulls down pants-
You: -lays flat on ground-
You: take me lizard boy
Stranger: no
Stranger: still being lazy b'
You: are you kidding me?
Stranger: You want me, then show it. Put more effort into the actions. - slams my tail against the ground and looks at you -
You: I pulled down my pants and you call that LAZY?
You: hmphh, boys...
You: all the same
Stranger: Yes. You want something you tempt. Like this.. - moves my tail between your legs as you lay there and rubs your pussy lips with the end of it -
You: aha, so you are fucking me
Stranger: Why should I.. you are not tempting me with anything?
You: but you just stuck your tail in my tail
You: you already started
You: don't stop
Stranger: Yeah, tempting you. You want me to fuck you tempt me too
Stranger: - moves my tail away from you and looks you over - So
You: what if I break a nail? I don't have medical insurance
Stranger: So what? You want me to fuck you. Participate. Put effort into it.
You: what is this, russia?
Stranger: No. This is how I am. I like to know that you're enjoying it. Just laying there doesn't do a thing
Stranger: If you want to be pleased, please back
You: ugh FINNEEEE - gets up -
You: -wraps arm around your neck-
Stranger: - looks into your eyes. -
You: -noogie- now if you don't stick that trick up my slip, I will make your life a living hell boy
You: I can complain something awful
Stranger: HA! I already live in hell
You: guilt tripping master
Stranger: Sry, doesn't work on me
You: so I'm in hell?
Stranger: You are not tempting at all. You are not using your body to tempt me. To attract me
You: you just call me fat and ugly?
Stranger: No
Stranger: I am just saying you need to put effort
Stranger: Not just a noogie... how the hell is that suppose to get me to fuck you?
You: because...men like to be roughed up?
Stranger: Not me. - growls -
You: ahh, a prettyboy
Stranger: No
You: i see how it is
Stranger: You are not putting anything in ... so I should leave
You: please don't baby
You: According to you, I'm already in hell, don't make it worse .-.
Stranger: and why not...
Stranger: Do you keep in contact with people outside of Omegle
You: if they're good in bed
You: but you haven't done anythign
Stranger: Because you haven't seduced me. Tempt me. You just laid on your back...
You: okay, you know what?
You: I do have one thing that gets me excited
You: it's...a little weird
Stranger: which is
You: I LOVE it when people say "horty horr, 64, I'm a whore, do my chores"
You: dunno why
You: but if I get dry in my cooch, I want you to say that, or I will have no motivation
You: so?
Stranger: So you want to be my whore... huh?
You: if that's what you want
You: I'll do anything for you, even make you a sandwich, if you say that phrase and keep me excited
Stranger: Tell you what.. I want a mate... I am tired of being lonely
You: I'll be your mate, seduce you, etc
Stranger: - snakes my tail around your waist and pulls you into me and kisses you deeply and passionately -
You: - kisses back, and grabs your bulge -
You: ...getting dry
Stranger: - moans as i press you against the wall and lifts you up - Shut up you whore.....
You: say it
Stranger: what... say "I'm a whore" or "You"
You: word-for-word, I thought you accepted
Stranger: I am no whore though... that phraze doesn't apply
Stranger: I didn't understand
You: "horty horr, 64, I'm a whore, do my chores"
You: that's the phrase
You: the...magic phrase
You: doesn't work when I say it though .-.
Stranger: Nevermind... I can't always say it... - lets you go - I am sure you'll find someone to fuck you
You: I think you owe me after calling me a whore
You: that was pretty rude
Stranger: I thought that was what you meant... but nevermind
You: ...Hello?
You: Don't go, lizard boy D:
You: I wonder if this'll work, "Stranger: horty horr, 64, I'm a whore, do my chores"
You: Fffuck, I am wet
You: ... I'm spent
Stranger has disconnected.
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