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Team NinjaI started bloodninja.org years ago as a way to compile the infamous chat logs of BloodNinja that were strewed all over the webs.
The site got very popular very quick though, and soon it contained more chats from his/her fans than it did of the original BloodNinja. Feel free to submit your own.
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Because I get asked this a lot: no I am not BloodNinja. The best I can tell is that he/she liked to mess with people over AIM back in the mid 1990s. No one has knowingly heard from him/her since.
u cry but i fuck u ... u sex with me
vipin_garg80: hi
gotrekfirebeard: hi
vipin_garg80: h r u
gotrekfirebeard: not bad yourself?
vipin_garg80: asl please
gotrekfirebeard: 26 m france
vipin_garg80: bye
gotrekfirebeard: lmao
vipin_garg80: asl please
gotrekfirebeard: you just asked me dumb ass
vipin_garg80: means
gotrekfirebeard: what do you want.
vipin_garg80: asl please
gotrekfirebeard: I tolod yo ualready!!!!!!!
gotrekfirebeard: I told yo ualready!!!!!!!!
gotrekfirebeard: what is your fucking asl?????
vipin_garg80: no r ui m /f
gotrekfirebeard: IANSWERED YOU ALREADY!!!
gotrekfirebeard: GO AWAY LOSER
vipin_garg80: means
gotrekfirebeard: means fuck off
vipin_garg80: i not fuck u?
gotrekfirebeard: omg
gotrekfirebeard: ok loser what's your asl?
vipin_garg80: m 21
gotrekfirebeard: good now fuck off
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: good have fun !
vipin_garg80: r u m/f
gotrekfirebeard: Holy shit
gotrekfirebeard: ok I'm 22 F
vipin_garg80: where
gotrekfirebeard: OHIO
gotrekfirebeard: USA
gotrekfirebeard: AND U?
vipin_garg80: india
gotrekfirebeard: i'd have never guessed....
vipin_garg80: ok what u like
gotrekfirebeard: do you have a mic?
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: a cam?
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: a brain?
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: good use it and fuck off now
vipin_garg80: i fuck
gotrekfirebeard: yes, yo ufuck off, go away
vipin_garg80: where
gotrekfirebeard: a.... hell , a barrel of toxic waste, or the moon I don't care
vipin_garg80: what say yaar
gotrekfirebeard: yeha go to yaar , wherever that is, adn make sure you stay there
vipin_garg80: what say
vipin_garg80: what u want
gotrekfirebeard: your money
gotrekfirebeard: you have western union?
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: fuck off then
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: cool
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: ok?
vipin_garg80: what u like
gotrekfirebeard: I like you to fuck off
gotrekfirebeard: go and annoy someone else
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: ok?
gotrekfirebeard: good
vipin_garg80: then what bu want
gotrekfirebeard: YOu know wha tI want?
gotrekfirebeard: I want you to take a rope and hang yourself
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: please
gotrekfirebeard: I4ll be ncie if yo udo
gotrekfirebeard: I'll be nice if you do
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: ok? cool then do it now
vipin_garg80: first u
gotrekfirebeard: I might , yo uare so borring I wish I had a rope
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: are yo umarried?
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: so you don't want to marry me.
gotrekfirebeard: too bad
vipin_garg80: ok
vipin_garg80: i marry with u
gotrekfirebeard: yes?
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: In ohio we have a tradition though
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: if you want to marry a girl you have to get sodomized by a donkey
gotrekfirebeard: it hurts a bit
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: but it's very important
vipin_garg80: u like sex
gotrekfirebeard: would you respect my tradition?
gotrekfirebeard: would you do it?
vipin_garg80: ok
vipin_garg80: i respect all tradition
gotrekfirebeard: cool
gotrekfirebeard: then give it a try
vipin_garg80: i m cool
vipin_garg80: pk
gotrekfirebeard: oh yeah u are very cool
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: yeah yo uare, do you gay sex?
vipin_garg80: hello
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: aww what a shme
gotrekfirebeard: I lvoe a guy who does other guys
vipin_garg80: i like only tradional sex
gotrekfirebeard: like with donkeys?
vipin_garg80: not donkey only man
gotrekfirebeard: oh ok so man for sex is ok for you?
vipin_garg80: i fuck only lady like u
gotrekfirebeard: but i told you for my ttradition u have to be fucked by a donkey...you said it was ok. Yo uchanged your mind?
vipin_garg80: no
vipin_garg80: but i fuck u like donkey
gotrekfirebeard: no no that is not the tradition...bad boy
gotrekfirebeard: no frst the donkey fucks you then yo ufuck me ok?
vipin_garg80: but my tradition is that first fuck lady
gotrekfirebeard: ah so we can't be together, sorry
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: I'm very serious about tradtiions here
vipin_garg80: i m also
gotrekfirebeard: too bad I liked you , yo uare sooooo cool
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: are yo ugangsta?
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: why not? gangstas are soo hot. Would you become gangsta?
vipin_garg80: i hot
gotrekfirebeard: I only like gangstas who respect my traditions sorry
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: I'm so sad you won't do it with our village's 3donkey
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: his name is Rupert
gotrekfirebeard: he is nice
vipin_garg80: i m lion for u
gotrekfirebeard: whouhou a lion?
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: you roar?
vipin_garg80: u love sex
gotrekfirebeard: do you roar?
vipin_garg80: i m all if u love sex
gotrekfirebeard: do you do the chicken dance?
vipin_garg80: i love only sex & i want sex with u
vipin_garg80: if u agree then chat
vipin_garg80: ow go
gotrekfirebeard: oh you are pushign me away?
gotrekfirebeard: Iwill cry now, yo uhurt my feelings
vipin_garg80: u cry but i fuck u
gotrekfirebeard: oh you bad boy....
vipin_garg80: ya
vipin_garg80: kisssssssssssssssssssssss
gotrekfirebeard: buzz your ass asshole
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
gotrekfirebeard: kiss a donkey
vipin_garg80: i kiss u
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: what feel u
gotrekfirebeard: I feel sick
gotrekfirebeard: I'm gonna puke
vipin_garg80: y
vipin_garg80: my kiss is good
gotrekfirebeard: yes but u have bad breath
gotrekfirebeard: smell like you ate shit or something
vipin_garg80: ok tell u love sex
vipin_garg80: u sex with me
gotrekfirebeard: me sex u? u sex me? I have a hunchback sister
interested too?
vipin_garg80: but u interst
vipin_garg80: really
gotrekfirebeard: yeah sure, you like animals?
vipin_garg80: no i like u
gotrekfirebeard: squeal like a pig for me
vipin_garg80: no
vipin_garg80: if u sex with me then ur superior women
gotrekfirebeard: superiror? like wonderwoman?
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: can i have her suit too?
vipin_garg80: ok
vipin_garg80: then u kiss me
gotrekfirebeard: mmmh no I'll give it a miss thanx
vipin_garg80: ok i kiss u
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kisssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kissssssssss
vipin_garg80: what feel u
gotrekfirebeard: I you kiss my pet pig's ass I'll kiss you ok?
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: coooool
gotrekfirebeard: you are so cool
vipin_garg80: y
gotrekfirebeard: his name is Bahbud... can you kiss him, sweet please.
vipin_garg80: no i kiss u
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssss
gotrekfirebeard: ok... I'm bored now
gotrekfirebeard: good bye
vipin_garg80: y
vipin_garg80: u not like love
gotrekfirebeard: not really I'm a guy... itold you already and you are just funny
vipin_garg80: if u chat with me on sex then u never boar
vipin_garg80: ok
vipin_garg80: i promise this is funy for u
gotrekfirebeard: look I'm a guy, a man, a block
gotrekfirebeard: I have balls and a dick ok?
vipin_garg80: ojk
gotrekfirebeard: bye bye
vipin_garg80: u fucky girl
gotrekfirebeard: I'm a man!!!
gotrekfirebeard: A MAN!!!!
gotrekfirebeard: I told you before in the very beginning
vipin_garg80: i never think
gotrekfirebeard: I TOLD YOU!!!
gotrekfirebeard: read the messages next time you moron!
vipin_garg80: but i never belive u
gotrekfirebeard: ok you want to see me?
vipin_garg80: no
vipin_garg80: i fuck u
gotrekfirebeard: no you don't lol
vipin_garg80: i have
gotrekfirebeard: lol
gotrekfirebeard: didn't feel a thing sorry...
vipin_garg80: lol gaya teri chut mai
gotrekfirebeard: yeha great
vipin_garg80: means
gotrekfirebeard: means?
vipin_garg80: u fuck wih me
gotrekfirebeard: no thanx
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